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The City of Whitehall has partnered with the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) and The Recycling Partnership to provide eligible households with a new wheeled garbage cart and 65-gallon recycling cart, free-of-charge. The free carts are made possible through over $200,000 in grants from SWACO and The Recycling Partnership, and will be put into place in early 2021 as part of the City's renewed garbage and recycling collection contract with Local Waste Services.


As part of the new cart program, residents may choose a new garbage cart size to best meet the needs of your household. Learn more about your options, how to estimate a size that's best for you and more below.


All households will automatically receive a 65-gallon recycling cart, but your garbage cart size is up to you. Select from a 95, 65 or 35 gallon cart to fit the needs of your household. Graphic is based on average tall kitchen garbage bags (13 gallon size) of trash per week. 


While the carts will be provided free-of-charge, monthly service fees are the responsibility of each household. To encourage further waste reduction, fees decrease for smaller cart sizes and reduced waste volume.

Not sure of how to estimate what size cart would fit the needs of your household? See the FAQ section below for some tips.


Households are billed quarterly. Quarterly billing and administrative fees also apply. View a full cost comparison below (senior discounts of 10% off the monthly rate still apply).

As is the case currently, collection fees will be paid directly to Local Waste Services.
Think you need a second 95-gallon cart? Each additional cart is $50 and comes with a $2/month increase in the monthly rate. Please call (614) 237-8613 to learn how to add a second cart to your service. 




  • Height: 43.5"

  • Width: 29.2"

  • Depth: 33.3"


  • Height: 41.2"

  • Width: 26"

  • Depth: 27.8"


  • Height: 37.5"

  • Width: 18.5"

  • Depth: 24.5"


Garbage Carts:
Medium gray cart, with dark gray lid

Recycling Carts:
Navy blue, with navy blue lid




How do I choose my garbage cart size?

Select your cart using the webform linked above or call the City at (614) 237-8613. All you need is your cart selection code, which will be mailed to you in mid-October, or can be looked up here. All selections must be made by November 2. Should you not respond, your household will receive the default cart size (95-gallon, at $18.20/month).

What if I don't select a cart prior to the deadline?

If you opt to not respond with your garbage cart size selection, your household will be issued a 95-gallon cart (the default size). Each household may switch their size one time during the implementation period (January 6-March 31, 2021).

After the implementation period, no switches may be made for a period of one year.

Will my garbage and recycling collection day change?

No. All households in Whitehall will continue to have garbage and recycling collected on Wednesdays. Additionally, yard waste and bulk item (limited to one item per week) collection will be on Wednesdays. To participate, place your carts to the curb (with the front of the cart facing the street/cart handles toward your house) by Tuesday evening each week.

Will bulk item collection change?

Yes. As part of the new contract, each household will be limited to one bulk item (e.g. unwanted furniture, small appliances, etc.) each week. There will also be four unlimited collection days, set for:

  • May 5, 2021

  • July 7, 2021

  • October 6, 2021

  • December 29, 2021 

What do I do with my old trash containers?

Old garbage containers can be reused in your home (for yard waste, bird seed, or otherwise), or if unwanted, can be set out for collection with your garbage. For unwanted garbage cans, place them to the curb to be collected by Local Waste with a sign stating "please remove." 

If you rent a garbage or recycling cart from Local Waste, that cart will be removed with your garbage and recycling on December 30.

Is there still a senior discount?

Yes, qualifying seniors will continue to receive a 10% discount on the monthly garbage collection fee. To find out if you're eligible or to apply please contact Local Waste Services directly at (614) 409-9375.

How can I tell what size cart I need?

If you're unsure of what cart size you might need, count how many garbage bags your household fills in a single week and use the graphic above to help estimate your needed cart size. Don't forget - 76% of what we consume is recyclable or compostable, so with your new 65-gallon recycling cart, you can divert more waste from your garbage cart and the landfill. Not sure of what you can recycle? Check here!

Can I switch cart sizes later if needed?

We understand that the new carts represent a major change and that it might be hard to estimate your garbage cart needs. If you later decide that you need a larger or smaller garbage cart size, you will have the option of making one switch within the 90-day period (between January 6 and March 31, 2021). After the implementation period, no switches may be made for a period of one year.

Can I opt out of the cart program?

No. Per City ordinance all households (outside of some multi-family situations) are required to participate in the weekly garbage and recycling collection program. As part of a move to automated collection, the new wheeled-carts must be used for garbage and recycling. Yard waste can remain in bags, bundles or other containers.

Will yard waste collection change?

No. Yard waste collection will stay the same. To participate, place your yard waste in a labeled can or in a yard waste bag out for collection with your garbage and recycling. Yard waste collection will still be on Wednesdays, community-wide.

What do I do with my old recycling totes?

The 18-gallon recycling totes currently in use can be reused in the home for recycling or other purposes, or can be returned to Local Waste where it will be recycled. 

For unwanted recycling totes, place them to the curb to be collected by Local Waste with a sign stating "please remove." 

Do I take my new carts with me when I move? And what if they break?

Garbage and recycling carts should be left at your property when you move. They will be branded for the City of Whitehall and are meant to be used with automated collection trucks. If your cart breaks, call the City Service Department at (614) 237-8612. We will fix your cart or replace it as needed.





  • Now through November 2: Households invited to select their garbage cart size.

  • Mid-October: Postcards mailed to all households with cart selection code. You can also look up your code here. 

  • December 7: Garbage and recycling cart roll-out begins.

  • December 30: Last day under the old unlimited collection program. Garbage and recycling carts rented by Local Waste will be collected with garbage and recycling on this day.


  • January 6: First day of the new program and start of the Implementation Period.

  • March 31: Final day of the Implementation Period. Any requests to change carts size must be made in advance of this date.

  • May 5: First Unlimited Collection Day

  • July 7: Second Unlimited Collection Day

  • October 6: Third Unlimited Collection Day

  • December 29: Fourth (and final) 2021 Unlimited Collection Day


(614) 237-8613